I want to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to the marvelous QRC Physical Therapy site, which, in a relatively short period, has offered me hope for improvement with my recent physical problems.
The professionalism, the kindness, the skills and the “TLC” are surely to be highly praised.

The variety of equipment in their gym, and the various exercises that are specifically geared to one’s particular problems are a revelation to me, and I am sure that soon I will be running in the New York Marathon!

My sincerest gratitude for all you do for me personally, and of course for many others.

Charlie H.

Making the decision to have both my knees replaced at the same time was huge. I knew recovery would be long and painful. When I looked for a Rehabilitation Center, I wanted something easy to get to and QRC Physical Therapy PC was perfect. There were several buses and subways that could get me there so as my rehab progressed. I had options.

When I got there everyone was warm and friendly. John was fabulous. He did an assessment and took his time to make sure I had a solid program that would get me walking again. He was compassionate and helped give me the confidence to know that I would be better. The program wasn’t easy but the staff at QRC Physical Therapy PC were there every step of the way making sure I was doing my exercises and doing them right. It was a very positive experience. So much so that when I had to have my hip replaced I called John to tell him he was getting a repeat customer because I new I was going to get the kind of care that would get me back to normal in no time.

Helene R.

I have had lower back pain for many months and was taking Advil 3 times a day. When I went to see my doctor, he recommended physical therapy for me. I came to RC Physical Therapy and after the very first treatment I realized that I did not need to take Advil again. As the therapy progressed I was able to get up in the morning without back pain. I would consider that a miracle but in reality it is the physical therapy that is precise and directed to my problem. QRC Physical Therapy PC really helped me and I am overjoyed by the results.

Claire B.

If you need physical therapy to heal your body and restore hope for the future, I can think of no finer place to go for healing than QRC Physical Therapy PC. I have needed to go there for therapy several times and each time this is what I found:

  • A warm friendly staff that made me feel at home from the moment I stepped into the front office.
  • Extremely knowledgeable therapists that know every bone, muscle and tendon of my body and knew exactly what exercises were needed for maximum healing.
  • Therapists that were flexible concerning my treatment plan. If I were in a lot of pain they customized my therapy for that day and added pain management measures so that I left in less pain but still did the activities I needed to do for healing.
  • A bright, clean and attractive environment rich with plants, music and sunshine and the latest in physical therapy equipment.

If I had to choose the one factor that was most instrumental in the improvement of my health, it would be the warm, funny, friendly and caring staff. It’s easy to feel sad, isolated, lonely and depressed if your body is a source of disability and constant discomfort. The staff at QRC Physical Therapy PC brightened every blue day and did as much to renew my optimism as they did to restore my body. If anyone needs to go to physical therapy, this is the place to be!

Florence W.

Thank you so much for helping me get back on my feet! My desperation turned to hope when I met John, Janet and Iris on my first day. Their jovial personality was an incentive to continue my treatment. I enjoyed every moment that I’ve spent at your rehab center. I had a difficult recovery from my acute sciatica, but with all your help, you’ve put me back to 100%. You are the best physical therapists in QRC!

Ana Q.

For the past month I have been receiving physical therapy at QRC Physical Therapy PC for a frozen shoulder. My physical therapist John Pawlowski has set realistic goals for me. He provides not only therapy and exercises but also encouragement to help regain mobility in my shoulder. I appreciate all the help including answering questions and addressing my concerns. Thank you John for your continued professionalism and caring demeanor.

Pat T.

I would like to give you my personal evaluation of the care I have received as a patient at QRC Physical Therapy PC. I would like to give special recognition to John Pawlowski, P.T. and his staff for being professional and friendly. They made me feel comfortable and treated me like I’m part of their family. I am still a patient at QRC Physical Therapy PC and I am very fortunate to have Mr. Pawlowski and his staff guiding me through my rehabilitation.

Kay B.